Our Work

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales works across a wide range of subjects nationally and internationally.

Here you will find more information about our work – from liturgy, patrimony and worship to education, family life and dialogue with other religions; from Christian unity, healthcare and evangelisation to environmental issues, overseas aid and development and migration.

These subjects and many more are covered, alphabetically, in this section. Most of the work is administrated by our Departments but we also have dedicated Agencies and Offices for key subject areas.


Africa is a rich and diverse continent, the second biggest in the world, with 54 fully-recognised countries. Each country has its own economic, political and religious realities. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales stands in solidarity with the Bishops of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa.


Catechesis is a ministry of teaching and forming that passes on the Word of God to inform the Catholic community and candidates for initiation into the Church about the teachings of Christ, transmitted by the Apostles to the Church.

Catholic Education in England and Wales

The Catholic Church was arguably the first provider of schools and universities in England and Wales.

Christian Unity

Unity among all Christians is a key concern for the Catholic Church. Ecumenism, unity or cooperation with other Christian churches, is about healing and forgiving so we can all work together as a united witness to our shared faith in Christ.

Domestic Abuse

The Domestic Abuse Group of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has issued guidance on how Catholic parishes can support victims of domestic abuse.


As Christians we are inspired to be good stewards of the earth, to conserve and protect God’s creation and the earth’s resources.


The Bishops' Conference, through the Department of International Affairs, works in close collaboration with two organisations on European issues - COMECE and CCEE.

Health and Social Care

The Church has, since earliest times, been committed to caring for those who are sick or in need. Indeed, institutions established by churches and religious orders laid the foundations of the modern health service.

Holy Land

The Christian community in the Holy Land represents a physical link between the modern world and the life and times of Christ – they are the ‘living stones’ of our faith. Since 1998, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has organised the Holy Land Co-ordination.


Our Mission Directorate serves the Department for Evangelisation and Discipleship and acts as a point of reference for evangelisation in dioceses, movements and Catholic organisations in England and Wales.

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

The Santa Marta Group, endorsed by Pope Francis in 2014, is the Catholic Church’s response to human trafficking and modern slavery.

Catholic Internships

'Faith in Politics' is the Bishops' Conference Catholic Parliamentary and Public Affairs internship scheme. It provides recently graduated Catholics with intensive experience of political and social action in a spiritual context.

Interreligious Dialogue

The Catholic faith instructs us and guides us not only in the unique pathway to God through Jesus Christ, but also in the manner in which we are to learn about and cooperate with people of other faiths.

Jewish Relations

The Department of Dialogue and Unity has a Committee for Catholic Jewish Relations. It works to build the relationship between the Church and Jewish people, thus implementing the official teaching of the Church.

Justice and Peace

As Christians we are all called to work for the common good, to protect and uphold the human rights of all and to provide a voice for the voiceless. In this section you will find our work on human rights issues.

Life Issues

All life is sacred - a gift from God. This is why the Church opposes abortion (ending life in the womb) and Euthanasia (ending life before natural death).


Liturgy is the divine worship of the Church - all the public acts of worship that take place including the celebration of Mass, the celebration of the Sacraments, and the Divine Office or Daily Prayer of the Church.

Living Wage

The Living Wage is an hourly wage rate calculate to take into consideration the costs of housing, transport, food and basic essentials for the worker and their family.

Marriage and Family Life

Marriage and family life are of vital and central importance in the life and teaching of the Catholic Church. It is the privileged place where love makes itself know (CST#491). The Bishops' Conference of England & Wales has an office for Marriage and Family Life. This Office exists to support and resource the bishops in their responsibility for marriage and family life, and in speaking out on all issues that affect families.

Mental Health

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has established a Mental Health Project to further encourage and inspire us as communities of understanding.

Migrants and Refugees

Our four main aims: the pastoral challenges, the policy challenges, the UK Visa and Immigration Points Based System and promoting major events for migrant communities.


A Church for us is more than a building – it is a sacred space, filled with God's presence.

Prison Ministry

Over 85,000 men and women are in prison in England and Wales today - over 13,000 (5%) are Catholic.

Racial Justice

Racism is a sin and a violation of human dignity. As Catholics we need to acknowledge and confront our own failings, as individuals and as a Church.

Rural Issues

As part of the Department for Evangelisation and Discipleship, the Bishops' Conference has a working group that focuses on rural issues.


The Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency ‘CSSA’ is the national agency for driving improvements in safeguarding practice within the Church in England and Wales. The Church has a Council to assist the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).


As Catholics, we understand the Bible to be the written Word of God. Scripture is at the centre of everything the Church does. The Word of God shapes our prayer and worship.


Spirituality is how we interact, engage and deepen our relationship with the transcendent - with God as He has revealed himself in Jesus Christ.

National Office for Vocation

The National Office for Vocation is an Office of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales. Its mission is to build a culture of vocation in the Church in England and Wales and to promote the calls to specific vocations.