Consultative Bodies

The Bishops' Conference undertakes, whenever practical, to enter into formal consultation with these bodies on matters of particular concern to them.

National Board of Catholic Women

The Board consisists of representatives of national Catholic organisations with diocesan links appointed by the local bishop.

National Council for Lay Associations

The Council fosters co-operation between member associations to strengthen their apostolate, is a member of the European Forum of National Laity Committees and has links with the Pontifical Council for Laity.

Conference of Religious

The Conference of Religious (COR) is the association that supports the leaders of the religious communitites of England and Wales. COR aims to help men and women religious face the challenges and needs of the 21st Century Society.

Catholic Union of Great Britain

Founded in 1871, the Catholic Union is the principal lay forum dedicated to the defence of Catholic values and the promotion of the common good in Parliament and public life.

Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland

The Canon Law Society of Great Britain & Ireland is a Charitable Trust established by Deed of Trust and described as “The Canon Law Society Trust”.

Catholic Missionary Union

The Catholic Missionary Union of England and Wales is the forum where all missionary activity and interests come together.