Spirituality is how we interact, engage and deepen our relationship with the transcendent - with God as He has revealed himself in Jesus Christ.

The word spirituality is used widely and can mean different things to different people. Spirituality is, in may ways, how we interact and engage with the transcendent. In terms of our Catholic spirituality this is God as He has revealed himself in Jesus Christ.

Spirituality is also something that, at its root, is grounded in our Catholic tradition. How we live our lives, how we worship and give thanks – how we pray.

A spiritual path is one that leads to transformation – a deepening of our relationship with the Risen Lord.

Responding to the Psalms

Taking the Responsorial Psalm from the Sunday Liturgy of the Word, we’re inviting you to reflect on each verse for a few days and hope to stimulate this process by providing short, simple questions to encourage deeper thought before moving on to the next verse.

Spirituality Committee Resources

Building on the Spirituality document 'Do You Love Me?' the Spirituality Committee is producing a series of resources to assist parishes explore the document.

Consultation Days

An annual event drawing spirituality representatives from dioceses aross the country. The day includes a keynote speaker and opportunities to reflect on their input and meet others involved in spirituality.


Members of the Spirituality Committee regularly visit our dioceses to meet people involved in spirituality.

Document on Catholic Spirituality

In 2014, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales released a document on Catholic spirituality offering the essential ingredients to help Catholics deepen their relationship with the Lord.