Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) is marked on 27 January each year and is a time to remember the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution and in the genocides which followed.

Saturday, 27 January 2024


Fragility of Freedom – Freedom means different things to different people. What is clear is that in every genocide that has taken place, those who are targeted for persecution have had their freedom restricted and removed, before many of them are murdered.

The Council for Christians and Jews (CCJ) has prayers, reflections and advice on how to commemorate the Holocaust in churches. The Council of Christians and Jews is a nationwide forum for Christian-Jewish engagement.

Bishop’s Message

Bishop Declan Lang, Chair of the Bishops’ International Affairs department, has previously released a message for Holocaust Memorial Day. Read more.

We commit ourselves to stand against antisemitism, injustice and prejudice wherever it might be found. Together we remember the Holocaust and pray that love will triumph over evil.

Bishop Declan Lang


Our photographer has visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp on many occasions – some in the presence of Popes.

You can view the full photo album on our Flickr photostream.

Theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2024

Fragility of Freedom is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2024.

Prayer for Holocaust Memorial Day

This prayer can be used by Christians on or around Holocaust Memorial Day.

Theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2023

Ordinary People is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2023.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

Holocaust Memorial Day we learn more about the past, we empathise with others today, and we take action for a better future.

Glimpses of Hope: On pilgrimage with the Council of Christians and Jews

Bishop John Sherrington reflects on a recent pilgrimage to Poland organised by the Council of Christians and Jews.

Bishop on Holocaust Memorial Day 2020

A short message from the Right Reverend Declan Lang, Bishop of Clifton for Holocaust Memorial Day.

Holocaust Memorial Day commitment

In 2000, a commitment was made in Stockholm by the Holocaust Taskforce to encourage remembrance of the Holocaust by holding an annual Holocaust Memorial Day.