Beyond the Cross

‘Beyond the Cross’ is a five-part art and culture series that follows the Risen Christ, through the artist’s eye, taking in some of the main encounters of the Easter season. Here we look at a sculpture of Christ’s encounter with Saint Thomas – ‘Doubting Thomas’ – by Italian painter, sculptor, and goldsmith Andrea del Verrocchio. Read more.

Day of Prayer for the Victims and Survivors of Abuse

Listening to the voices of victims and survivors, the Bishops have moved the date on which the Day of Prayer for the Victims and Survivors of Abuse is marked in England and Wales. It will now be observed on the Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter. In 2021, this will fall on Tuesday 4 May. Read more.

Listening With Love

Listening with Love is a resource inviting people to reflect on the impact of abuse on individuals and the Church. Although we’re releasing this material for Lent 2021, it can be used at any time. Read more.

Safeguarding Implementation Newsletters

The Project Implementation Team has pledged to disseminate a newsletter every two weeks giving an overview of the work undertaken since the Implementation Plan was adopted. The Project Implementation Team comprises of Carol Lawrence (Director), Dr Colette Limbrick, Dr Edward Morgan and Fr David Smolira SJ.

29 March 2021

The last two weeks has seen some significant progress in the project, in the recruitment of non-executive directors (NEDs) and Chair for the CSSA. Additionally on 1 April 2021 staff will transfer to the CSSA from CSAS.

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Our guidance is continually updated as required. Read more.

Live Catholic Mass Online

Use our online directory of churches in England and Wales streaming Catholic Mass live online.

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