Survivor Testimonies

The women, and men, who speak in these films have been ruthlessly exploited by criminals involved in human trafficking. They show great courage and bravery to give us a valuable insight into the damage caused by these violent, degrading crimes.

Kateřina, Erika, Aduke,

Four survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery speak bravely about the horrors of this violent, enslaving crime.

Modern Slavery – Seafarers

We hear from three Filipino fishermen who experienced horrendous working conditions – a situation of modern slavery – on and off vessels operating out of the UK.

Sophie Hayes

Sophie Hayes, a British victim of human trafficking, was deceived by a man who said he loved her.

Diane Martin

Diane Martin gives a survivor’s first-hand account of the realities of human trafficking and tells of the suffering inflicted by traffickers.


Princess, a mother of four children and a grandmother of two, was a cook in a traditional restaurant in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.

Former Premier League Football Al Bangura

Al spoke to the Santa Marta Group – an alliance of international police chiefs, bishops, religious communities and NGOs – at an international conference held in Rome to tackle human trafficking and modern slavery in October 2016.


“Crystal” was trafficked to the UK from Trinidad into a situation of domestic servitude leaving four children in the West Indies.