Jewish Relations

The Department of Dialogue and Unity has a Commitee for Catholic Jewish Relations. It works to build the relationship between the Church and Jewish people, thus implementing the official teaching of the Church.

Reflection on Theological Questions Pertaining to Catholic-Jewish Relations

The Holy See has released a document on Catholic-Jewish relations to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council document on interreligious dialogue Nostra aetate.

Holocaust Memorial Day

In 2000, a commitment was made in Stockholm by the Holocaust Taskforce to encourage remembrance of the Holocaust by holding an annual Holocaust Memorial Day.

Promoting a Deeper Understanding between Christians and Jews

Throughout the year, we're encouraged to play our part in promoting a deeper understanding between Christians and Jews.

Resources for Catholic-Jewish Dialogue

On this page, the Bishops' Conference Committee for Catholic-Jewish Relations has collected together a selection of resources to help facilitate dialogue and goodwill between Christians and Jews in our local communities.