Eric’s Story – “To share in order to grow”

Eric had to flee to save his life...

Caritas in Veritate

Caritas in Veritate - or Charity in Truth - is Benedict XVI's third Encyclical Letter.

Spe Salvi

Spe Salvi - or Saved by Hope - is Benedict XVI's second Encyclical Letter.

Deus Caritas Est

Deus Caritas Est - or God is Love - is Benedict XVI's first Encyclical Letter.

The New Pope

The Latin announcement Habemus Papam! - "We Have a Pope!"

Observance of Secrecy

Details about the level of secrecy Cardinals maintain during Conclave.

Resolving Deadlock

What happens upon a deadlock vote?

The Ballots

The voting process to elect a new Pope.

The Conclave

The institution of the Conclave is the mechanism by which a new pope is elected.

College of Cardinals

Details about the College of Cardinals during the vacancy of the Apostolic See

The Electors

Since 1059, the election of the Pope has been reserved to the cardinals alone.

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