Compassionate solutions needed to address the plight of those seeking refuge, says Bishop

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Bishop Paul McAleenan, Lead Bishop for Migrants and Refugees, has urged the government to rethink its migration and asylum policy after five people including a seven-year-old girl have died trying to cross the English Channel.

“I was saddened to hear that instead of reaching a place of sanctuary, five human beings tragically drowned in the Channel in their desperate hopes for refuge. May they rest in peace,” he says. “This awful event underscores the urgent need for comprehensive and compassionate solutions to address the plight of migrants and refugees. I urge the government to rethink its migration and asylum policy and remember that each person has a name, face and story.”

Bishop McAleenan stresses the need for safe and legal routes:

“The passing of the Rwanda Bill last night fails to address the urgent need to ensure that there are more safe and legal routes by which asylum seekers and refugees can reach the UK. I once again call on our government for a more compassionate approach to migration; one that seeks to protect vulnerable lives and support those fleeing persecution and hardship.”