Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows

A prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows at the conclusion of the Stations of the Cross.

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O most holy Mother, Queen of Sorrows, who followed your beloved Son through all the Way of the Cross, and whose heart was pierced with a fresh sword of grief at all the stations of that most sorrowful journey, obtain for us, we beseech you, O most loving Mother, a perpetual remembrance of our Blessed Saviour’s Cross and Death, and a true and tender devotion to all the mysteries of his most holy Passion.

Obtain for us the grace to hate sin, even as he hated it in the agony in the garden; to endure wrong and insult with all patience as he endured them in the judgement hall; to be meek and humble in all our trials as he was before his judges; to love our enemies even as he loved his murderers, and prayed for them upon the Cross; and to glorify God and to do good to our neighbour, even as he did in every mystery of his suffering.

O Queen of Martyrs, who by the Dolours of your Immaculate Heart on Calvary, merited to share the Passion of our Most Holy Redeemer, obtain for us some portion of your compassion, that for the love of Jesus crucified, we may be crucified to the world in this life, and in the life to come may, by his infinite merits and your powerful intercession, reign with him in glory everlasting.



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