Holy Week

During Holy Week we follow Christ from his triumphant entrance into Jerusalem to the foot of the Cross as sorrowful bystanders to His Passion and Death, before rolling back the stone of the empty tomb to witness the joy of the Resurrection.

Lent and Easter Movies

Relating movies to the day's Gospel reading.

Noli me tangere

We look at Titian's 'Noli me tangere'.

Pietà - The Pity

Michaelangelo's beautiful Pietà.

Christ Crucified

We take a close look at 'Christ Crucified' painted by Diego Velázquez in 1632.

Easter Sunday

The Resurrection of Jesus is the principle tenet of the Christian Faith

Station 13

Two of his disciples placed him in the arms of his afflicted Mother.

Station 12

Jesus is finally overwhelmed with suffering, bowed his head and died.

Station 11

Jesus offered the sacrifice of his life for our salvation.

Station 10

Jesus was violently stripped by the executioners.

Station 14

The disciples carried the body of Jesus to bury it.

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