The texts of Scripture speak to us of God’s character, his relationship with humanity, a range of responses to God’s calling, and our part in God’s kingdom and his mission.

Death and Dying

There is a word of Scripture for every time and season of our lives. More >

Who was Saint Jerome?

October's 'Focus' falls on St. Jerome. More >


Monthly focus points to help explore our themes More >

Wrestling with God…

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon tells us a story from the Book of Genesis. More >

Thy Kingdom Come

Matthew’s Gospel is the Gospel of the kingdom of heaven More >

Gospel Quotes

Quotes from the Gospel of St Matthew More >

Mindfulness with St Matthew

A journey of mindfulness with St Matthew More >

Magna Carta and Gospel Reading

Stephen Langton, the Magna Carta and Gospel reading More >

Life changing bible

Fr Stephen Wang on how the bible changed his life More >

Trusting the bible

Four reasons why we can trust the bible More >

What is the bible?

Exactly what the bible is and why it's relevant in our lives today More >

Bible Basics

Bible basics providing information, articles and inspiration More >

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