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A Journey of Hope - A Catholic Approach to Sentencing Reform

28/09/2018 11:09 am

Scales of Justice

'A Journey of Hope' is a document offering a Catholic approach to sentencing reform. Drawing upon the legal, political, and academic insight of a range of experts, as well as input from those who have worked in the prison service, this report sets out some meaningful ways in which sentencing policy can be reformed in England and Wales.

"Despite evidence that community sentences are more effective, many people who have committed nonviolent crimes are still sent to custody for short sentences that only serve to disrupt their lives. Meanwhile over the last decade, the average lengths of medium-to-long term prison sentences for the same offences have actually increased leaving more people locked up for longer.

"All this has created an unsustainable prison population in a custodial estate which cannot possibly provide a safe, decent or rehabilitative environment. Put simply we are locking up far too many people than we can reasonably care for or help to turn their lives around."

Bishop Richard Moth, Lead Bishop for Prisons


A Journey of Hope 3.32 MB

A Journey of Hope: A Catholic Approach to Sentencing Reform can be downloaded by clicking the link above.


Liberal Democrat peer and former Justice Minister Lord Tom McNally discusses the release of 'A Journey of Hope' with Ed Stourton on the BBC Radio 4 Sunday Programme. First broadcast on Sunday, 14 October 2018.