Kateřina, Erika, Aduke, “Mrs J”

Four survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery speak bravely about the horrors of this violent, enslaving crime.

Kateřina was trafficked into prostitution having tried to escape a situation of domestic violence in her home country – the Czech Republic. She thought she would be working in a shop or a nail bar but ended up being forced to sleep with men in a city in the west of England.

Erika left her country at 21 looking for a better life and an independent income. Within hours of arriving in the UK she was holed up in a flat forced to sleep with ten or more clients a night.

Aduke, a Nigerian teenager, was sold as an adult and ended up on the streets in both the south of France and the UK.

Mrs J was forced into a situation of domestic servitude. She was enslaved and abused – even, on one occasion, burned with a hot iron.

Note: The women filmed speak honestly about the abuse and exploitation they suffered at the hands of traffickers. 18+. Content discussed in this film is not suitable for younger viewers.