Statement on violence in Burma/Myanmar

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Bishop Declan Lang has made a statement on violence in Burma/Myanmar.

“I am extremely concerned by the escalation of violence in Northern Burma/Myanmar. As in any conflict it is innocent civilians who are suffering most profoundly. Local churches are already providing food and shelter to some of the thousands of people who have been driven from their homes over the past week.
During a visit to Burma in 2013, representatives of the Bishops’ Conference spent time in Internally Displaced Persons camps, where the Church is supporting families who have lost everything to conflict. Even before now, the situation was deteriorating particularly among families with children. The latest upsurge in fighting is placing an even greater strain on already scare resources.
My prayers are with everyone affected and those working to support them. I hope that all parties will heed the call for an immediate cessation of violence, humanitarian access to displaced civilians and meaningful peace-talks as a matter of urgency.”
Rt Rev Declan Lang
Chair, Bishops’ Conference Department of International Affairs