Global Healing

Global Healing is a film-based resource to help us to respond to the damage being done to our planet – our common home. It's for parishes, groups and individuals and aims to inform, challenge and equip people to engage with Pope Francis’ vital call to Care For Our Common Home.

What’s the format?

A Global Healing event begins with a shared meal followed by a screening of the main three-part film resource featuring well-known experts, engaging testimonies and location filming from around the UK. There are times for discussion and prayer to stir deeper ecological conversion and fresh practical responses. Follow-on material is available to create a short course (ideal for the season of Advent).


The films are available as free downloads but DVD copies can be inexpensively purchased if needed. There are also downloadable posters, fliers, newsletter snippets and a comprehensive leaders’ guide with links and more information for deeper reflection and action.

There’s no doubt that we are doing great damage to our planet – our common home. Pope Francis calls on all of us to respond and this CaFE-filmed resource will help us do that together in our communities and families, for the sake of future generations.

Right Reverend John Arnold, Bishop of Salford


The Bishops’ Conference thanks CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration) for the production of this resource.

Film Resources

These 'Global Healing' film resources feature experts and engaging testimonies. There are times for discussion and prayer to help stir deeper ecological conversion and fresh practical responses.

Leaders' Guide

A how-to guide for leaders presenting the Global Healing or Global Caring films with downloads, further resources and optional extra events.

Global Caring

‘Global Caring’ works as a stand-alone or companion volume to ‘Global Healing’ and is intended to encourage parish groups and individuals to living in harmony with God’s creation.