Film – Practical Response

A practical component of the 'Global Healing' film-based resources to encourage action and reflection on how we treat our common home.

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This film is a follow-up to the main ‘Global Healing’ resource. This session does not necessarily require a shared meal.

Part One: Introduction
[START] 0m – 3m 35s

Part Two: Living Responsibly
3m 36s – 7m 37s

Part Three: Our Carbon Footprint
7m 38s – 11m 16s

Part Four: Education and Action
11m 17s – 14m 43s [END]


You can download this film in order to present it to a group offline. Here’s how…

Firstly, you need to use the video sharing site Vimeo. Below the Global Healing film on, you will see two buttons. One says ‘Download’ the other ‘Share’.

When you click the ‘Download’ button, you will presented with a number of options. Some are High Definition (HD), others are Standard Definition (SD).

For display on big screens, or for projection, it may be worth downloading HD 720 or HD 1080p.

Ready? Use this link to download the Global Healing – Practical resource.