Saving energy and recycling at home

The Church calls us to consider our role and to question what we are each doing to protect the Earth, this starts with saving energy and recycling at home.

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It may not seem that we can do much but ‘the might of the ocean is made up of single drops of water’. Whatever the degree of commitment to reducing our carbon footprint or considering the environment, there is always an interest in reducing energy and water bills and this can be achieved by learning new habits. Additionally, here in the UK local authorities are implementing rules which encourage us to consider how we dispose of our rubbish – the items we no longer want.

What can I do to help?

To start with, you might want to measure your carbon footprint at home and then measure it again in six months, 12 months and so on, to see the effect of your actions.

The aim is to reduce our impact on the environment in many different ways, so also please consider the following:

  • Always carry a re-usable bag with you so that it’s ready for your shopping
  • Use public transport or cycle or use a low emission car or car share whenever possible
  • When rebuilding or refurbishing, use eco-friendly materials and building techniques
  • Go on eco-friendly holidays: have a look at World Responsible Tourism day
  • Change to a green electricity supplier
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Consider everything you buy and use and be aware of its impact on the environment whether through manufacturing, mining, deforestation or pollution.

“The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence.” Thomas Berry

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