Happy Christmas to our Julian Calendar-following friends

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It’s 7 January but rather than say “Happy New Year”, we’re saying “Happy Christmas!”

If you’re looking at your screen quizzically, fear not, we haven’t lost the plot. We’re merely joining our friends following the Julian calendar in celebrating the Word made flesh at Christmas.

So rather than putting the crib back in the loft, boxing up the decorations and chucking the Christmas tree out to stand with the others – bare and spineless by the kerb side – let’s look again to Bethlehem and the coming of Our Lord.

Ukrainian Christmas

The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic community in the UK, celebrates Christmas today like many Eastern Orthodox churches.

As Covid-secure churches are allowed to remain open during lockdown, the Eparchy was able to celebrate Christmas at the Church of The Holy Family in Exile in central London.

Our photographer was in attendance to capture this year’s rather different celebrations.


We have a full album of images on Flickr, but here is a small gallery.