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Durham University’s Centre for Catholic Studies has published a report called The Cross of the Moment issued by its Boundary Breaking Project on the impact of the abuse crisis on the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Bishop Paul Mason, Lead Bishop for Safeguarding, said:

“I thank the authors of The Cross of the Moment and welcome it as a report that amplifies the voices of victims and survivors of abuse. The Church remains committed to listening with humility to them as their experiences will always inform our safeguarding work – something that lies at the heart of the Church’s mission.

“This is an in-depth report compiled over four years. We will review its contents carefully with an openness to any learning that will refine and improve our practices to protect all who come into contact with the Church.

“We again offer an unreserved apology to all those who have been hurt by abuse in the Catholic Church in England and Wales and reiterate the open invitation from the bishops to meet with and listen to victims and survivors.

“The Church is committed to continual review and development, assisted by the audit work of the Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency, so that all our communities are places of safety and sanctuary for all.”