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Following the success of last year’s free film resource ‘Global Healing‘, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has commissioned a new film titled ‘Global Caring: Living in harmony with God’s Creation’.

‘Global Caring’ works as a stand-alone or companion volume to ‘Global Healing’ and is intended to introduce parish groups and individuals to Pope Francis’ teaching in Laudato Si’: On care for our common home.

In July 2019, the Bishops of England and Wales released a joint statement recognising the “unprecedented ecological crisis” we find ourselves in.

“We, the Bishops of England and Wales, commit ourselves and invite our people to engage in this urgent challenge, so that together we show leadership by our actions.”

‘Global Caring’ is a practical resource commissioned by the Bishops to help us engage in this “urgent challenge”.

Produced by Catholic Faith Exploration (CaFE), this tv-quality film was filmed around the UK and features Dr Carmody Grey who is Assistant Professor of Catholic Theology at Durham University and granddaughter of Donald Sinclair – the real life ‘Seigfried’ from author James Herriot’s ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ books.

Set to the backdrop of the Laudato Si’ Centre at Wardley Hall, the film also features Bishop John Arnold – the Bishop of Salford and the Catholic Bishop with responsibility for the environment. The final section centres around a vibrant Catholic primary school in the East end of London, and the environmental consciousness of the pupils there.

“Even in the year since the release of Global Healing, we have seen a fast-growing interest and activity – especially among young people – in understanding the damage we’ve done to the earth,” said Bishop Arnold.

“We are recognising the extent of the challenge. I hope that ‘Global Caring’ will assist in developing that essential, practical and spiritual response that we all need to make. Let’s celebrate all that is being achieved and, with hope and determination, work to repair our common home.”

Each session creatively and practically helps people of all ages to respond to Pope Francis’ plea to hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

About the resource

‘Global Caring’ is a free downloadable resource (DVDs are available for a small charge) with online leaders’ notes, posters, discussion questions and a trailer – ideal for parishes, schools and individuals.

To watch the films and to find out more, visit

These sessions are best run as an evening event following a shared meal together or following a Sunday Mass over refreshments. Both films are ideal for use in Advent or Lent, as a way of reflecting on our impact on the world and our global neighbor, and how we can make positive change.


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