Bishop McAleenan comments on the death of a migrant on the Bibby Stockholm

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Bishop Paul McAleenan, Lead Bishop for Migrants and Refugees, has commented on the death of a migrant on the Bibby Stockholm, with some reports indicating it could be suicide.

He said:

“I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of an asylum seeker on board the Bibby Stockholm barge. Every migrant and refugee has a name, a face, and a story which must be listened to. This death, and the death of everyone seeking sanctuary, is a tragedy. Our prayers are with the one who has lost their life, their family and their friends.

“Whilst we don’t have the full facts of the story, it is important to recognise that we need an immigration system that defends the fundamental human dignity of those on the move, prioritises the sanctity of life and provides access to decent accommodation and healthcare. We will continue to advocate for this.”


Bibby Stockholm in Falmouth Docks, 2023
Ashley Smith on Wikimedia – Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International