Statement on the Ongoing Violence in Egypt

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Whilst the spotlight of the world’s media is focused mainly on the political significance for Western powers of the current unrest and upheaval in Egypt and its place in the wider MENA region, we must not allow the attacks on Christians in that land to be overlooked. The recent burning of Christian churches, schools and homes in Egypt, is evidence of mounting intimidation and violence specifically against Christian communities. This fact must be more clearly recognised by the international community in its consideration of the events taking place in Egypt.

Our thoughts and prayers are for all who have died or are suffering as a result of the conflict in Egypt. We unite our prayers for peace with those of our brothers and sisters in the Coptic Orthodox Church and, together with all Christians, pray that the revival of Egypt and its entire people will, as Cardinal Leonardo Sandri (Prefect of the Congregation for Eastern Churches) has stated, “take place respect of the human person, in the mutual respect of all religions, in respect for religious freedom”.

Mgr Marcus Stock
General Secretary
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales