President of the Bishops’ Conference tells 3,000 Christians: “We are hungry for change”

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A 45,000-strong crowd gathered today for a global poverty event in London’s Hyde Park to tell the leaders of the G8 nations that there’s “Enough Food For Everyone IF…”

The campaign’s ‘IFs’ were highlighted earlier in the day in Westminster Central Hall by the President of the Bishops’ Conference – Archbishop Vincent Nichols:

“The four ‘Ifs’ at the heart of this campaign are not the ‘if only’s’ of wishful thinking. They are possible if we are prepared to work together to develop the international cooperation and both corporate and personal responsibility needed for truly beneficial economic activity and growth. If poor farmers were not put off their land but helped to farm it well for the production of food and not fuel; if tax evasion and aggressive avoidance were eliminated; if there was greater transparency by government and major corporations, especially regarding resource extracting companies; if lifesaving aid were made available when a crisis strikes, then so much of the world’s hunger could indeed be addressed. There is no shortage of food but we have to be willing to change and pay the costs that will enable everyone to gain access to what is required for a healthy and dignified life.”

The Archbishop of Westminster was addressing over 3,000 Christians at the start of a day of campaigning and celebration by those taking part in the wider ‘BIG IF G8 Rally’ event.

Acknowledging that everyone present was “hungry for change”, the Archbishop called to mind Pope Francis’ recent comments on poverty and justice:

“Pope Francis is a man of startling words and actions. He has spoken of us being a Church of the poor and for the poor. That is so true, so challenging. And it must begin with me. Can I learn to recognise my own poverty, standing before the Lord, so that I always come to see the world’s poor not as an object of my attention or commitment but as my brother and sister. Only when I see my poverty am I truly close to them.”

Following the IF Ecumenical Church Service, many of the congregation took part in a ‘Walk of Witness’ before the rally in Hyde Park.

Full Address

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