Environment Bishop: It’s time to sprint towards climate action

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In the week we experienced record temperatures of over 40°C, Bishop John Arnold, our Lead Bishop for the Environment, released an urgent message warning us to take action on global warming.

In a YouTube video, he said:

“This is not going to just peak and then we’ll hear no more of it. It’s going to get gradually worse. We are warming the globe and we’re not reacting quickly enough to avoid the damage or to even begin to repair the damage that we’ve done.

“We’ve already been told that some of the damage is irreparable, so we’ve got to think and we’ve got to act.”

Thanking his parishes and schools in his diocese for working so hard to promote sustainable living whilst campaigning for environmental justice, Bishop Arnold also urges all of us to take the recent heatwave as real wake-up call and to step up our efforts to take climate action.

“I know that we’re jogging along, showing an interest in climate change – but jogging’s not enough. We’ve got to start sprinting at this stage to make sure we’re caring for our common home.”

Resources and Links

Visit the Diocese of Salford’s website for more links and resources so you can take action.