Racial Justice

Racial justice depends upon many things, including learning from our history. We share a commitment to properly recognise the profound importance and value of the UK’s migrant and ethnic minority communities, never allowing their human dignity to be violated.

Praying Together

Bishop Paul McAleenan focuses on ‘Praying Together’ for racial justice.

Working Together

Nalini Nathan helps us focus on 'Working Together' for racial justice.

Walking Together

Fr Mark Odion on 'Walking Together' for racial justice.

Questions for Reflection

Questions to facilitate discussion around the theme for Racial Justice Sunday,


You can pray this prayer on Racial Justice Sunday.

Image and Likeness of God

Our Lady and the Child Jesus from a diverse cross-section of cultures.

Hail Mary

The 'Hail Mary' in different languages.

Our Father

The 'Our Father' in different languages.

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