This section explores the themes related to the Jubilee Year 2025.

The Sabbath and the Sabbatical Year

In Jewish history, the seventh day is the Sabbath Day, a day of rest. Likewise, the seventh year was the sabbatical year or a year of rest.

Justice, trust and memory

The theology of Jubilee is focused on justice, trust and memory, inspired by the history of God and the Israelites.

The household unit

The Jubilee provided a socio-economic solution to keep the family together even when faced with economic disaster.

Forgiveness and freedom in the Old Testament

The Day of Atonement is the most solemn day of the year in which the whole nation sought and received collective forgiveness for all its sins.

The Jubilee and Jesus

Jesus identified himself and his ministry with the eschatological implications of the Jubilee year and fulfils the Jubilee itself in his life, death and resurrection. 

Caring for Our Communities

This Jubilee Year reminds us that our policies and practises can be challenged and reversed.

The development of the Jubilee theme in Scripture

Although there are only a few references to the Jubilee year in the Pentateuch it continued to play a major role both among the Israelites and in the emerging Christian church in the New Testament.