The promotion of good governance and democracy in Africa

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The Justice and Peace Coordination of the Bishops’ Conferences of Africa (SECAM) met in Bujumbura, Burundi, to discuss the promotion of good governance and democracy across the continent.

The annual meeting, held between 28 October and 2 November, was given the full title: “Promoting good governance, the common good and democratic transitions in Africa: Two years after receiving the post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation: Africae Munus, Where do we stand?”

The message released after the meeting highlighted seven key points:

  • The total rejection of the exploitation of the poorest and weakest: enslavement of our children, trafficking of our children and even of their vital organs.

  • The denunciation of the growing insecurity in some countries and regions of the continent, the violence and criminal abuses in the Central African Republic, the recurrence of conflict in DR Congo, the fanaticism and religious extremism in Nigeria, Mali, Egypt, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania, etc.

  • The rejection of the unfair exploitation of our natural resources of which extractive industry is a source of violent conflict and crime. Our wish is that our African states have the courage to draft and pass laws protecting our natural resources.

  • Exploring new ways for good governance which exclude all forms of corruption, abuse of power and underground dealings.

  • The new concerns raised by the management of the Nile River. The well-being of people and the countries bordering the Nile fundamentally depends on the River. We recommend a patient and fruitful dialogue in the management of the River.

  • The commitment to a democratic culture respectful of freedom of opinion. A democracy that takes into account the rights of immigrants, addresses without the hypocrisy the issue of refugees according to their basic human dignity.

  • The respect of the Fundamental Law (Constitution) of the country by providing citizens of a country with the possibility of political altercation.


You can download the full message in both French and English using the links in the top right-hand corner of this page.