Bishop prays for an end to the severe and extended drought in East Africa

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East Africa expected to suffer its fifth failed rainy season in a row

East Africa is gripped by a devasting drought. Crops have shriveled in the ground, and millions of livestock have died.

Worse, the region is now expected to suffer its fifth failed rainy season in a row. This is a full-blown climate crisis, doing the most harm to the people least responsible for causing it.

Communities in East Africa are used to hard times. One way they survive is by sharing what little is left. But without rain, many are at breaking point. Unable to grow crops or even obtain clean drinking water, families are on the brink of starvation and urgently need support.

That is why this Advent, CAFOD, the Church’s Aid and Development Agency, is asking for help on behalf of families living through the worst drought for over 40 years.

The Bishop of Lancaster, the Right Reverend Paul Swarbrick, is our Lead Bishop for Africa:

“Advent reminds us of the hope that the birth of Jesus brings. No one is beyond the reach of God’s love and likewise we should stand alongside our brothers and sisters in need, doing all we can to help in times of crisis.

“The people of East Africa are in urgent need because of the climate crisis. Our brothers and sisters there are well used to coping with lack of rain or harsh climates. This deadly drought has pushed families to use up all the coping mechanisms they have, however.

“A fifth failed rainy season will be a tragedy. Millions in the region desperately need help to obtain food and clean water. CAFOD and its partners are doing what they can, but they need our support and our prayers.

“I’ll be praying for the people of East Africa, hoping that this severe and extended drought will soon end, in order that families can begin to rebuild their lives, and to know that they are not forgotten by their brothers and sisters who are fortunate to live in more favored parts of the world.


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