Pray for Peace in Ukraine

As we look on with concern at one of the greatest humanitarian crises to unfold in Europe since the end of the Second World War, you can pray for Ukraine and her people here. We also pray for all peace-loving Russians.

Having joined together in solidarity to pray with Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic community on many occasions since the invasion of Ukraine began, we have collected together some useful prayers and resources.

“God’s plan for the world is peace, not disaster. We pray for Ukraine and her people, and for the world’s leaders. No one wins in war. Everyone wins in peace.

Archbishop John Wilson, Southwark


Obviously spiritual support is vital but if you can provide material support by way of a donation, you can help the humanitarian relief effort through Caritas Internationalis and Cafod.

Prayer for Ukraine

Almighty and Great God, accept our gratitude for your boundless mercy towards us.
Hear the supplication of our afflicted hearts for the land and people of Ukraine,
as they confront foreign aggression and invasion.

Open the eyes of those who have been overtaken by a spirit of deception and violence,
that they be horrified by their works.
Grant victory over the powers of evil that have arisen,
and bless Ukraine with your gifts of liberty, peace, tranquillity and good fortune.

We implore you, O Merciful God, look with grace upon those who courageously defend their land.
Remember the mothers and fathers, the innocent children, widows and orphans,
the disabled and helpless, those seeking shelter and refuge,
who reach out to you and to their fellow human beings looking for mercy and compassion.

Bless the hearts of those who have already shown great generosity and solidarity,
and those who prepare to receive their Ukrainian brothers and sisters in Ukraine’s greatest time of need.
Bring us together as your children, your creation, and instill in us your strength, wisdom and understanding.

May you be praised and glorified, now and forever, and to the ages of ages.


The Jesus Prayer

One of the simplest prayers is the Jesus Prayer – the prayer of the heart – where we admit to ourselves, to our God that we are all sinners, that we all need redemption, and that we place ourselves in the loving hands of Our Lord. The prayer is one that is very simple. It doesn’t take a lot of memory and it’s a prayer that we can repeat and you can live with.

Jesus, Lord Jesus,
Son of the Living God,
have mercy on me, a sinner

Господи Ісусе Христе, Сину Божий, помилуй мене грішного.

Our Father

Listen to the Lord’s Prayer in Ukrainian.

Hail Mary

Listen to the Hail Mary in Ukrainian.

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

On Friday 25 March 2022, the Church demonstrates her spiritual closeness to those directly affected by the conflict in Ukraine by consecrating Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The official text is provided here.