Post Abortion – Testimonies

These testimonies come from women and men who are willing to share their experiences of post abortion trauma, or have walked alongside those who needed help and support.

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The following testimonies come from those who have worked for or with Rachel’s Vineyard or those that took part in a weekend retreat.

From a priest who who serves on the Rachel’s Vineyard UK team

Experiencing Rachel’s Vineyard retreats has deepened my love of the priesthood of Jesus. Healing, forgiveness and deliverance are central to the ministry of Jesus; His power was evidence in the three retreat weekends I shared in. As a priest I came to each weekend with my own fragility and a fair amount of apprehension. I sensed from those who attended the retreat for them was the beginning of an emotionally and spiritually painful journey to healing and forgiveness. I was encouraged by the presence of men on the retreat. Although in the minority their grief was profound, men carry a particular sense of guilt, subsequent restoration of their sense of manhood and fatherhood was wonderful to witness as a priest. Those weekends have greatly enriched my priestly ministry and would strongly recommend the weekend to women and men hurt by abortion. For in those three days the healing and forgiving love of Jesus is poured out.

From Rachel Mackenzie, the Facilitator of Rachel’s Vineyard

I believe I am part of one of the most privileged and powerful ministries… Rachel’s vineyard! Each weekend, without fail, reveals the miraculous healing hand of Jesus. As a post-abortive facilitator I am constantly reminded of God’s mercy and love that he shows to the broken. This weekend included Post-abortive mothers, a father and grandparents affected by their daughters choice to abort all came with heavy hearts and their own brokenness. The joy and the light hearts of everyone on Sunday as they left is a true testimony to God’s power. We are privy to the most heart breaking, soul destroying stories that prove that we have a living, powerful and merciful God that heals.

From a Deacon Seminarian at Oscott who participated in a retreat

I was not prepared to encounter the pain of abortion. Why I thought it would be any different I don’t know, but the trauma that the women and men experienced hit me hard. Unearthing that pain, I felt consoled by the fact that at very least they get to share this pain on retreat. More than sharing the pain, the retreat gave me a first-hand witness of God’s miracle-working power to bring peace, light, hope. To make a way where there seemed to be no way. The feeling of connection and trust cultivated in such a short space was a testament to the power of prayer, fellowship, the grace of God and good food. In terms of the retreat content, it was brilliant – masterfully structured sessions. I felt gave space for the healing work of the Holy Spirit. I would recommend it to any post-abortive mother, father or relation.

From a Rachel’s Vineyard UK Team Member

I am always amazed at the power of the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat process, though I am an experienced team member. It creates a non-judgmental, sacred and safe place for women and men to work through their painful feelings connected to their abortion, knowing that God is alongside them. Participants come with such heart-breaking stories, but through a carefully written program of encounters with God there are many moments of healing, truth, mercy and transformation. It really is a journey from death to fullness of life, of darkness to light.

From a post-abortive participant after a retreat

I am in complete awe of what I have experienced this weekend at Rachel’s Vineyard. I have been privileged to see our Lord’s healing hand on each and every person who shared this weekend with me, in all our different circumstances. His love, warmth and healing have entered our lives and soothed our hurt in truly amazing ways. I must praise the team who serve as His hands and feet in this wonderful ministry. The care taken towards every single detail to make this weekend as perfect as it was can only come from their love for the Lord and dedication to bringing each and every one of us through this labour of love and restoration, I am truly humbled by them.