Annual ‘World Youth Sunday’

The theme for World Youth Sunday, which we share with the Flame 2023 youth congress event, reflects a call to stand up again, together, to find fresh strength and to help others to rise up too.

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Sunday, 20 November 2022

The theme for 2022 is “Rise Up!”

“Mary arose and went with haste”

based on Lk 1:39

World Youth Sunday reminds us that as young people we must commit again to use the energy, gifts, talents we have in new ways.

In August 2023, Pope Francis will gather with hundreds of thousands of young people for World Youth Day, in Lisbon, and the theme there is the verse from Luke’s Gospel: “Mary arose and left with haste (Lk 1:38).“ Our theme is consciously linked to this.

In November 2020, Pope Francis called for a relaunch of World Youth Day (previously celebrated annually on Palm Sunday) and moving forward asks the global Catholic community to celebrate locally on the Solemnity of Christ the King, which on this year falls on Sunday, 20 November 2022.

For your Church

For your School

Catholic Schools provide an incredible opportunity to help all young people grow, learn and become the people God made them to be. As we approach World Youth Day we can think about what we can do in our schools to make them vibrant, active and centred on Christ.

The Church’s educational institutions are undoubtedly a communal setting for accompaniment; they can offer guidance to many young people… In this way, the Church makes a fundamental contribution to the integral education of the young in various parts of the world.

Christus Vivit (247)

For Your Family

“Families are the first place where the values of love and fraternity, togetherness and sharing, concern and care for others are lived out and handed on.Pope Francis – Fratelli Tutti (114)

Bringing faith home can be difficult with so many pressures and challenges placed upon home life. With Churches closed earlier this year, the domestic Church became ever more important to us. To celebrate National Youth Sunday as a family, we’ve created some resources for you to use at home together.

The family should be the first place of accompaniment. Youth ministry can present the ideal of life in Christ as the process of building a house on rock (cf. Mt 7:24-25). For most young people, that house, their life, will be built on marriage and married love. That is why youth ministry and the pastoral care of families should be coordinated and integrated, with the aim of ensuring a continuous and suitable accompaniment of the vocational process.

Christus Vivit (242)

Visit CYMFed, the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation, for more resources.