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Pope Benedict XVI has released his message for the 46th World Day of Peace which falls on the first day of the New Year – 1 January 2013. The theme for this year is ‘Blessed are the Peacemakers”.

In his message the Holy Father explains that peace is part of God’s plan for mankind. He says that we all have a responsibility to be peace builders and that peace always starts from within:

“Peace concerns the human person as a whole, and it involves complete commitment. It is peace with God through a life lived according to His will. It is interior peace with oneself, and exterior peace with our neighbours and all creation.”

The Holy Father highlights that peacemakers are those who love, defend and promote life in all its fullness. He says that: “Anyone who loves peace cannot tolerate attacks and crimes against life.”

He calls for a new model of development and economics built by authentic peacemakers: “in economic activity, peacemakers are those who establish bonds of fairness and reciprocity with their colleagues, workers, clients and consumers. They engage in economic activity for the sake of the common good and they experience this commitment as something transcending their self-interest, for the benefit of present and future generations.” And points towards the fact that tomorrow’s peacemakers are formed within the unit of the family: “It is in the family that peacemakers, tomorrow’s promoters of a culture of life and love, are born and nurtured.”

The Holy Father concludes by expressing his hope and prayers that: “All will be true peacemakers, so that the city of man may grow in fraternal harmony, prosperity and peace.”

The full message can be downloaded below.


Papal Message 46th World Day of Peace 2013