Journey With Mary

An audio guide to praying with Mary for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

For our audio series Journey With Mary, we focus our prayer, particularly, on the days between and including the Ascension and Pentecost. As such, it is offered as a Catholic contribution to the Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative.


We have a special playlist so you can follow and take part. You can also download the audio from SoundCloud. Using the links on the playlist.

Alternatively, you can use Apple Podcasts.


Following the journey, you’ll find a particular prayer intention for each day.

Feast of the Ascension
We listen to the call to share our faith. We pray with Mary for Christians to have the confidence to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Friday after the Ascension
We pray with Mary to know God better and offer up those who have lost sight of God, that they would see His love revealed in their lives.

First Saturday after the Ascension
We pray with Mary for the strength to trust in Jesus. We pray for those who feel isolated and alone, that they will develop meaningful relationships through a childlike trust in God.

Sunday after the Ascension
We pray with Mary for forgiveness – particularly for those in need of God’s mercy.

We pray with Mary for openness – particularly for the hearts of those we know and love to be more open to Christ who waits to be invited in.

We pray with Mary for those who are beginning to show an interest in matters of faith, that their curiosity will grow into a desire for the living God.

We pray with Mary for those who seek God, that their search may lead them to find their heart’s desire.

We pray with Mary for us all to encounter the person of Jesus Christ and experience life lived to the full.

We pray with Mary for those who are held down by past experiences, hurt or pain, that they may know the freedom that Christ brings when we follow him.

We pray with Mary for those who want to grow in faith, that we may all be filled with the hope of what is to come.

Pentecost Sunday
We pray with Mary ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, praying for the whole Church to be filled with the Holy Spirit ‘as by a new Pentecost’.