Marriage and Family Life

Marriage and family life are extremely important to Catholics. The Church has a long tradition of recognising the importance of healthy marriage and family life to the wellbeing of individuals, neighbourhoods and to the Church itself.

Marriage Preparation

The church offers preparation for marriage, and opportunities for sustaining and deepening the couple’s relationship through formation.

Nurture your relationship

Three positive steps to think and pray about.

The Joy of Marriage

Part of the role of a married person is to help their spouse get to heaven.

Sacrament of Marriage

Jane Deegan offers this reflection on marriage as a sacrament.

Marriage as a Vocation

Marriage as a God-given opportunity for mutual love and growth.

Prayer for Marriage Week

Prayers of thanksgiving that can be used during Marriage Week.

Bishop's Message

Lead Bishop for Marriage and Family Life on the value of marriage to society.

Marriage Week 2024

A week-long annual celebration to support and promote marriage.

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