Cardinal: Bishops bringing their work together at the Family Synod

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Cardinal Vincent Nichols has sent through an audio report from the Vatican, 20 October, giving us an update on the Bishops Synod on the Family that is steadily bringing its work together to present to the Pope.

Cardinal Nichols spoke to us at the end of the small group sessions – one of which he has been moderating – and this afternoon, the Synod Fathers will hear reports from those 13 different language groups.

The Cardinal gives us a timeline for the rest of the week. On Thursday, a first draft of a summary document of the Synod’s work – the Relatio Finalis – will be circulated to attendees. Suggestions can then be offered and a final version will be produced on Saturday and a vote will take place.

The Relatio Finalis will then be offered to Pope Francis.

Duration: 3m 46s

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