Statement on Pope John Paul II

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During our meeting at Hinsley Hall, 11-14 April 2005, we have thanked God for the outstanding ministry of Pope John Paul II. While we mourn his loss, we are also thankful for the witness he gave, in strength, in sickness and in his dying.

We entrust him to the Father of all mercies. We have prayed each day that the Holy Spirit will guide the deliberations of the College of Cardinals by which a new Pope will be given to the Church.

We have gratefully received many letters and greetings of condolence and appreciation, not least from leaders of other Churches and other faiths. Indeed many have been deeply touched by the events surrounding the death of Pope John Paul, in which the faith and love of millions of people have been evident, in Rome, at home and in so many other countries.

We are well aware that many people in England and Wales have felt moved to enter a church again, often after many years. We wish to extend a welcome to all who take this step, and are confident that they will receive encouragement in their spiritual and religious quest.

We thank the media for the sensitive and comprehensive way in which the death and funeral of Pope John Paul II have been covered.