Bishop of Lancaster Expresses ‘Delight’ at Election of Pope Francis

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From Bishop Michael Campbell OSA, Bishop of Lancaster

Bishop Michael Campbell, who is currently in Rome, has expressed, on behalf of the faithful of the Diocese of Lancaster, great joy and delight at the election of Pope Francis I and pledges the love and prayers of the Catholic community of Lancashire and Cumbria as the new Holy Father assumes the responsibilities of the Successor of St. Peter.

Bishop Campbell calls on the faithful of Lancaster Diocese to pray in thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit.

Bishop Campbell said:

“The election of Pope Francis I to the throne of St Peter shows the power of the Holy Spirit to renew and enliven the Church. Coming from Argentina Pope Francis I is the first non-European pope in a thousand years. He is also the first member of the Society of Jesus, the first Jesuit, to be the successor of St. Peter. This is also the first time that a pope has chosen the name of ‘Francis’, associated with the great saint of simplicity and poverty, St Francis of Assisi, and St Francis Xavier, the Jesuit missionary.

“I’m also struck by the fact that Pope Francis I trained as a scientist, having a master’s degree in chemistry and was a professor of theology. Pope Francis I is the pope for the 21st century who can show the harmony between faith and reason.”

St Francis of Assisi. Pray for him

St Francis Xavier. Pray for him

+Michael Campbell OSA