Archbishop Nichols speaks of the “true dignity of the political vocation” on first official visit to Liverpool since his Installation

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Work for the good of all

The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, has encouraged politicians to work for the good of all. The Archbishop was speaking at the Annual Civic Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool on his first official visit to the City following his appointment as Archbishop of Westminster last year.

He was welcomed to a full Cathedral by the Archbishop of Liverpool, the Most Reverend Patrick Kelly, who said: “Both in your years as a priest in this diocese and more and more over the years we know your concern that the light which comes from him who is the light of the world, shall inspire, challenge, and encourage all those who generously serve in public office. You can clearly see how strongly that service to the common good is represented here today.” The congregation then applauded Archbishop Nichols as the Mass began.

In his homily to a congregation including many local politicians and civic dignitaries Archbishop Nichols began by commenting on the quality of public debate today and of the differences which exist in society. He went on to speak about political life and about current disillusionment with the political process, going on to say “Yet it is precisely this experience of helplessness that is addressed by our faith”.

He later spoke of the political vocation saying: “This is the true dignity of the political vocation: that by working for the good of all, the genuine common good of our society, politicians and people in public life attempt to create sign-posts of that greater hope, the hope of the fulfilment of all our potential, which will indeed be granted to us finally through the victory of Christ himself.”

He concluded by speaking of hope and the values of truth and love.

The Archbishop greeted the congregation after the Mass and will celebrate a Service of Evening Prayer in celebration of marriage and family life in the Cathedral this afternoon.


Archbishop Nichols’ homily at the Annual Civic Mass in Liverpool – 14 Feb 2010 (pdf)

Archbishop Kelly’s welcome to Archbishop Nichols at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool – 14 Feb 2010 (pdf)


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