The Conversation

Listen in and ask our panel of guests key questions on vocation, discernment and their work within the Church

Discerning your vocation? Want to hear others talk and discuss theirs? Join us, Thursday 5 May at 7:30pm, via Zoom, for The Conversation, where we have a panel of guests to discuss how they live out their vocation and the work they carry out in the Church.


Helena Judd (Radio Maria)

Deacon Toby Duckworth (Transitional Deacon at the VEC)

Richard Mills (Catenians)

Elliot Vanstone (Mission Adviser – Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales)

Annabel Ward (Youth 2000)

Catherine Wiley (Catholic Grandparents Association)

Sr Philomena Purcell OSU (Prison Chaplain)

All of our panel live out their vocation through different states of life whilst working within the Church. We will hear why God has called them to work in this particular area of the Church.

Information and guidance given as well as a question and answer session!

God’s call makes our greatest dreams come true.

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