Statement in Response to the Secretary of State for Justice’s Speech on Criminal Justice Reform

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In response to the recent speech by the Secretary of State for Justice on ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ Bishop Richard Moth, Liaison Bishop for Prisons, says;  

“Prisons play an important role in punishing offenders, supporting rehabilitation and keeping the public safe. For the most serious or violent crimes in particular a prison sentence is often necessary.
“However we currently imprison more people than ever before and are categorically failing to care for them all. The levels of suicide, self-harm, violence and mental health difficulties in our prisons are unacceptable in any civilised society.
“I hope the government seriously consider options to safely reduce the prison population, such as earned early-release schemes. Sensible reductions, continued reform, and better resourcing are all essential to tackling this crisis – none of them can be ignored.
“Through our dedicated chaplains, charities and volunteers the Church will of course continue to support the government on this most pressing challenge.”

A speech on criminal justice reform by the Secretary of State for Justice