RJS23: Questions for Reflection

As Catholics we believe that every human being is created equally in the image of God. It is important to consider how we can better reflect this in our own actions, both as individuals and part of the wider Church.

The following questions are intended to help facilitate discussion around this year’s Racial Justice Sunday theme in your own parish, group or school.

You may wish to use them after listening to the filmed reflections on our site and conclude by saying the Racial Justice Sunday prayer together.

You can also use our resource ‘In the Image and Likeness of God’ for further discussion and reflection.

While Racial Justice Sunday is an important moment for reflection, these issues should always be actively considered. We therefore hope that this will be a helpful resource all year round.

  • What does it mean to walk together, pray together and work together so that all are included in the mission of the Church?
  • How is this lived out in our parish, group or school? What further steps do we need to take?
  • What are some of the barriers to walking together, praying together and working together? How can we overcome them?
  • What are some good examples we can learn from elsewhere in the Church or society?
  • During his visit to Canada Pope Francis said: “We want to walk together, to pray together and to work together, so that the sufferings of the past can lead to a future of justice, healing and reconciliation.” How might this call be applied to questions of racial justice here in England and Wales?
  • Consider our ‘In the Image and Likeness of God’ resource. How can this be used in our parish, group, or school to promote the message that all are included in the Mission of Christ and his Church?