Prisoners’ Sunday

Prisoners’ Sunday marks the first day of the ecumenical Prisons Week, a week of prayer which raises awareness of issues faced by those affected by the criminal justice system.

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What is Prisoners’ Sunday?

08 October 2023

Prisoners’ Sunday is the national day of prayer and action for prisoners and their dependants as marked by the Catholic Church and across the Christian denominations. It is a day to direct our thoughts and prayers to prisoners, their families and children. Prisoners’ Sunday is the time to reflect on how we as individuals, as a Church and as a community are serving those affected by imprisonment.

Prisoners’ families, prisoners and people with previous convictions often find themselves on the margins of society due to the social stigma associated with imprisonment. They are often forgotten or come lower down on the list of causes to ‘hold a hand out to’. But the gospel of Matthew 25: 36 reminds us of our duties towards them:

I was in prison and you came to see me.

Matthew 25: 36

Pact’s work embodies the Christian value of mercy and belief in the innate dignity of every human being. Through this campaign we ask you to engage with a core element of Catholic social teaching and put our faith into action.

Bishop Richard Moth, Catholic Liaison Bishop for Prisons, writes to all parishes in the Pact Prisoners’ Sunday Pack, to encourage support for this time of reflection, prayer and action everywhere on Prisoners’ Sunday.

Pact are grateful to parishes who are able to hold a second collection to support the work of Pact – and to individuals who may send a donation at this time. A second collection can also be arranged on an alternative date if that works better for your parish. Perhaps some supporters may be able to hold a simple Prisoners’ Sunday fundraising event. 


Information for parishes about Prisoners’ Sunday and how you can get involved

Photo Credit: ©Andy Aitchison