Pope: Social Networks can provide authentic communication

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Pope Benedict XVI has recognised the positive and enriching role some websites, applications and social networks can play in providing people with the “time for reflection and authentic questioning” in their lives.

In his message for this year’s World Communications Day, the Holy Father says:

“In concise phrases, often no longer than a verse from the Bible, profound thoughts can be communicated, as long as those taking part in the conversation do not neglect to cultivate their own inner lives.”

His message, released on today’s Feast of St Francis de Sales, Patron Saint of Journalists, reflects on the relationship between word and silence:

“When word and silence become mutually exclusive, communication breaks down, either because it gives rise to confusion or because, on the contrary, it creates an atmosphere of coldness; when they complement one another, however, communication acquires value and meaning.”

The 46th World Day of Social Communications will be celebrated on 20 May 2012.


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