Pope Francis remembers victims of shipwreck off coast of Greece

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During Sunday’s Angelus prayer, Pope Francis remembers the victims of the tragic shipwreck of migrants off the coast of Greece, and renews his prayers for all. He implores every effort to prevent such tragedies.

At the conclusion of Sunday’s Angelus, Pope Francis recalled that Tuesday 20 June marks the United Nations World Refugee Day. And on this theme he expressed his great sadness and sorrow when remembering the tragic shipwreck carrying an estimated 700 passengers that occurred last Wednesday off the coast of Greece, even with it seems the sea was calm.

“I reiterate my prayer for those who have lost their lives, and I implore that everything possible always be done to prevent similar tragedies.”

The search for the missing in international waters continues.

At this time 78 people are confirmed dead and 104 have been rescued.

Around 100 children are among the missing it what may be confirmed to be the biggest tragedy in the Mediterranean.

Source: vaticannews.va