Pope Benedict’s Easter Sunday Message and Blessing 2010

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In Pope Benedict XVI’s Urbi et Orbi message for 2010, the Holy Father called for Easter to signal “the victory of peaceful coexistence and respect for the common good”.

Pope Benedict prayed for an end to violence in the Middle East, a ‘new hope’ for the people of Haiti just months after the earthquake that devastated the country, an end to the conflicts in Africa and prayed for the Risen Lord to sustain the Christians who suffer persecution and even death for their faith.


Pope Benedict’s Urbi et Orbi message 2010 (pdf)

What does Urbi et Orbi mean? Translated, it’s “for the city and for the world” and is a papal address and Apostolic Blessing not only for the city of Rome but for the entire world. The blessing is given at Christmas and Easter and is broadcast throughout the world by the European Broadcasting Union.