Episode » Bishops in Wales | Episode 2

Bishops in Wales | Episode 2

At the Foot of the Cross
At the Foot of the Cross
Bishops in Wales | Episode 2

It’s Eastertide and time for the second episode in our new monthly podcast series At the Foot of the Cross.

In early May, our Bishops are meeting in plenary away from their usual venue of Hinsley Hall in the Diocese of Leeds. This time, the Bishops spring gathering takes place in Cardiff – the first time they have met for a full plenary in Wales for 18 years.

On this podcast we’re joined by Canon Christopher Thomas, our General Secretary, himself a proud Welshman, to talk about not only what the Bishops will be discussing but also the history of the Catholic Church in Wales.

Next in the running order is a Synod update from Fr Jan Nowotnik, our Director of Mission.

Then we have a very poignant Easter reflection from Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski, Eparchial Bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The community follows the Julian Calendar so they have marked Holy Week and celebrated Easter a week later than us.

Finally we open our bibles at the Acts of the Apostles and listen to a Scripture reflection from Fleur Dorrell from the God Who Speaks initiative.

Hopefully this will whet your appetite to follow our daily Scripture podcasts for Easter, Reading Acts in Easter.


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