Dialogue and Unity

The Department for Dialogue and Unity works to foster cooperation with other Christian traditions and other faiths.

Areas of Work

Christian Unity
The key element of ecumenism is the “Churches Together” approach to being united in faith. This is a commitment by each church and denomination to deepen fellowship with others without losing what makes each different. The aim is to work towards a greater visible unity. This works at a local, regional and national level.

Jewish Relations
The Department works to build the relationship between the Church and Jewish people, thus implementing the official teaching of the Church. The Committee for Catholic-Jewish Relations promotes an understanding of the living faith of Judaism and the Jewish roots of Christianity; encourages dialogue and reconciliation and works to eradicate anti-semitism wherever it is found.

Other Religions
“In dialogue [with other religions] we must not be surprised, but actually expect to find God already there, and that Christ has gone before us.” All Catholics are called to dialogue by their baptism, and continue Jesus’ work of love and healing when they follow this call. We believe that, in our times, interreligious engagement is essential. But the first step is always to help Christians know and understand their own faith – what we believe and why – so that together we can positively engage with people from other faith communities.


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