Evangelisation & Discipleship

The Department of Evangelisation & Discipleship assists the Bishops’ Conference to help Catholics know and share their faith.

A particular focus of the Department’s work is to support the ‘New Evangelisation’; a term that was used by both Blessed Pope John Paul II and subsequently Pope Benedict XVI to encourage a new missionary impetus in the life of the Church. 

Areas of Work

Our important work in the field of evangelisation aims to help the local Church make the joy of the Gospel a reality in England and Wales.

Catechesis is a ministry of teaching and forming that passes on the Word of God to inform the Catholic community and candidates for initiation into the Church about the teachings of Christ, transmitted by the Apostles to the Church.

Read in the light of the Church’s living Tradition, the texts of Scripture speak to us of God’s character, his relationship with humanity, a range of responses to God’s calling, and our part in God’s kingdom and his mission.

Rural Issues
Sometimes the Church is most visible as a Church of towns and cities yet many Catholics in England and Wales attend rural parishes or urban parishes with large rural areas.


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