Army Chaplains

Army chaplains are non-combatants who accompany troops and minister to their religious needs.

Although they wear rank, chaplains aren’t in the command chain – this is vital when it comes to building relationships. So whether a padre’s speaking to a private or a general, rank is not an issue.

Our chaplains are not in the chain of command. It’s understood that anyone can go and talk to them no matter what their rank. Being able to talk to someone about spiritual or welfare matters is hugely important – to let off steam is not so easy within the culture of the Army.

Lt Col David Hannah
Irish Guards

Father P J O’Driscoll, assigned to the 22 Signal Regiment, loved his Parish ministry in Cork but wanted to do something different, so in September 2017 went through the process of interviews and Army Officer Selection Boards and he’s now looking after 2,500 soldiers in Stafford. He says he was inspired by the image of Christ being with his people, and he wanted to be beside the servicemen.

For me – in my Christian ministry as a priest – it’s like Christ being with his people. The lads, in their own way, find spirituality and help me in my spirituality as well. They do the soldiering – I do the praying on their behalf! It’s me and the Lord on behalf of the soldiers.

Father P J O’Driscoll
Army Chaplain, 22 Signal Regiment